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Complete NodeJS

Beginner guide for NodeJS Programming that will make you an expert in NodeJS programming.

  • NodeJS
  • NodeJS OOP
  • Built-in Module in NodeJS
  • Web Programming in NodeJS

  • What Will I Learn?

    Complete basics of NodeJS

    In-depth OOP in NodeJS

    Functional Programming in NodeJS

    Web in NodeJS

    Audience / Eligibility :


    Software Professionals

    mobile/web Developers


    48 Hrs of Classroom

    20+ coding Exercises

    4 Projects

    5+ Articles

    6 Hrs/Week


    Course Structure

    Basic Syntax

    Operation, variable, function, event

    Loops, Conditionals

    Array and Function

    JS objects

    Data Types

    JSON vs XML

    JSON Validation

    JSON with JavaScript

    JSOn with HttP

    JSON with Databases

    NodeJS REPL

    Callback in NodeJS

    Stream and Buffer

    File System

    NPM in NodeJS

    OS Module

    FS Module

    Regex Package

    Global Objects

    Packaging Module

    Utility Module

    HTTP Module

    Cryptograpy in NodeJS

    Express JS for Web

    REST API in ExpressJS


    2 Months ( 3 Hrs/Session )

    Fees : 20,990/-