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Complete Python

Beginner guide for Python Programming that will make you an expert in Python programming.

  • Python
  • Python OOP
  • GUI in Python
  • Built-in packages
  • Web Programming

  • What Will I Learn?

    Complete basics of Python

    In-depth OOP in Python

    Functional Programming in Python

    GUI in Python

    Web in Python

    C/C++/Java in Python

    Audience / Eligibility :


    Software Professionals

    mobile/web Developers


    56 Hrs of Classroom

    20+ coding Exercises

    4 Projects

    5+ Articles

    6 Hrs/Week


    Course Structure

    Basics of Python

    Variables, Loops & Conditions

    Working with Anaconda

    Jupyter Notebook, Ipython Notebook

    Thinking OOP in Python

    Class, Inheritence, Polymorphism and abstraction

    First Class Function - Decorator

    Funtional/Lambda Programming -

    Design Principale

    Tkinter and PyQT

    Desktop Application using Python

    Testing application

    Packaging application .exe

    OS Package

    SYS Package

    Regex Package

    Math and Random Package

    Request Library

    CGI Basics

    HTTP Package

    Cryptograpy in Python

    Threads in Python

    Cloud and Python

    Launching Apps in App Engine

    Python with C/C++

    Python with Java

    Python with NodeJS

    Tools for Co-Compilation

    Performance improvement with Co-Complilation

    Production with Multiple Languages


    2 Months ( 3 Hrs/Session )

    Fees : 20,990/-